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CALL&TALK, WEAVING MORE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION, uses electronic key with bluetooth interface for opening garages and doorways with mobile phone.

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BLUETOOTH SCALES for the daily monitoring of weight to patients and subsequent transmission remotely via mobile phone without user intervention.

BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONIZES the concept of proximity marketing. 80% of sales decisions of a product is made at point of sale.
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How to plan a bluetooth advertising campaign?

Bluehertz servers provides broad flexibility to develop a successful bluetooth advertising campaign, allowing to send  up to 5 files simultaneously to user. Files may be a combination of different formats, video, text, images, animations ... Any data format capable of being displayed on a mobile phone is suitable for send. This creates a new concept in the way in which the publicist and the development of content want to issue trying to get the maximum output in the campaign.

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There is total flexibility in the contents format are presented to the user and there is no maximum time limit defined, both circumstances distinct advantage over conventional advertising. For example radio or television, they are limited by these two factors when making the design of a spot. So you can capture the attention of the user a longer time.

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Another radical difference from most advertising media, press, radio, television ... is that the person is usually at odds visually or aurally with the announcement and when he wants to react and partially had to filter information and decide if your interest or not. In advertising bluetooth can not punish the user to see the advertising without their consent, as the presentation of the support is his own mobile phone, so is asked permission to send content to mobile phone. If user accepts incoming, advertiser gets 100% of his attention and success. These circumstances inherent in bluetooth advertising content, create raises more sophisticated and targeted advertising by the advertiser.



How to send bluetooth advertising and other content?

In a coverage area created by the bluetooth ad server, mobile phones that are within the area are invited to receive the contents that we have previously designed in our marketing campaign. The user decides whether to accept the download. This is the way to send messages to mobile phones without any cost. We call Bluetooth advertising.

Prospective customers can receive product information, special offers news, promotions, hours of opening and closing, competitions, events, etc.. System works in a distance range between 20 and 100 meters from the transmitter station, it depends on configuration and bluetooth server type.

The contents are issued automatically. Recipients can share downloaded content with other users who are not physically within the zone of influence.

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From the commercial standpoint, the virtue of the system lies in enabling us to offer bluetooth advertising and information in text, images, audio, video, applications, guides, games ... potential customers in an area bounded by the coverage of the system.

In this way we can influence by making a suggestive effect on users causing decision-making directed.

The system is intended to cover small and large stores, malls, fairs and congresses, museums, billboards, street events...

Our bluetooth advertising system we can manage in situ, on site installation with a USB key (most common) or as shown in the image, remotely via ADSL or GSM-3G from a computer that have installed the software management. We may manage the configuration of the campaign as we want, or for example, see detailed statistics about the number of downloads and what time has happened.

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