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CALL&TALK, WEAVING MORE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION, uses electronic key with bluetooth interface for opening garages and doorways with mobile phone.

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BLUETOOTH SCALES for the daily monitoring of weight to patients and subsequent transmission remotely via mobile phone without user intervention.

BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONIZES the concept of proximity marketing. 80% of sales decisions of a product is made at point of sale.
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BlueHertz servers may have a higher degree of interaction with users, pursuant to requests from user´s mobile phones answering with download contents. These downloads can be of any type, previously requested by the user. Applications of this type are commonly used to download a pre-initial bluetooth message that contains a menu to display the contents that the server has loaded, know all the options, and proceed to download relevant information by sending bluetooth messages. This information can be a street map, weather forecast for the next few days, news and a tourist route with the most outstanding views of the city, a mobile game, tables, schedules ... and any information that may be of interest to check, watch, listen...

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