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Bluetooth Marketing

BlueHertz is a range of marketing bluetooth server that broadcast advertising content and downloads to mobile phones that are in the area. The server uses the communication via Bluetooth as a means to send images, videos, guides and applications to mobile phones.

The communication between phone and server does not use GSM service to download the information, so that sender and receiver exchange information and without cost, and regardless of the volume of data. You must be in proximity marketing bluetooth server to receive downloads. The maximum range is a radius of 100 meters.

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marketing bluetooth

Posted Bluetooth objects can be of different nature, depending on the type of information ... images, animations, image sequences (see examples of advertising), audio, video or even an installable package with contents and navigable menus, eg an information tourist guide .

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To install a Bluetooth Marketing issuer previously defined a coverage radius, which determines the area of influence where they will interact with mobile phones. Content downloading is fast, simple and compatible with all phones on the market. The download time of content is usually 1 second. No need to "match" sender and receiver.

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About bluetooth marketing ... History

In recent years mobile phones have been improving in performance offering a range of multimedia tools. The first models only allowed to call, receive calls and store numbers in the phonebook. Then came models with color screens, higher image resolution and definition, extensive menus.
To this was added the terminal providing the processing power of programming languages such as Java and compatibility with standard image formats, video, presentations, animations, text, audio, etc..

Over time the mobile phone had become a large multimedia versatility. Finally, there remained to enable the user could receive information from other sources, store and share new content with other mobile phones. This was possible in two ways: with a cable connecting the mobile device with your PC or short-range infrared. The advent of bluetooth technology eased the exchange of information without compatibility problems and ultimately led to the virtual elimination of wires.


conexión de datos al móvil teléfono de coche con cable
accesorios de datos para móvil
cable de datos para móvil accesorios de cable antes de existir bluetooth

Bluetooth was created so that phones can transfer data easily with other devices and link with accessories, handsfree, car kits, etc.. It is in this situation when bluetooth marketing begins its first steps, taking advantage of a bilateral communication channel with which you can access and send information to all mobile phones regardless of manufacturer, operator or country.

With the implementation of a global standard by all manufacturers, bluetooth technology is present in 99% of mobile phones manufactured today. Bluetooth marketing is free, not have to pay licenses, nor does it cost to transfer data or information.

Uniting two parts, the mobile phone as support for storing and displaying content, and Bluetooth as a means to send information between any device, we created a new information network. One of its first use has been commercially, hence it is known with the name "Bluetooth Marketing" or "bluetooth advertising and is supplying the deficiencies of existing networks such as the wifi.

In future, Bluetooth technology will be the main proximity access point to high-speed Internet for mobile phones. Bluetooth marketing is relatively new, began to take its first steps in 2007 and only now is having relevance through improved multimedia performance on mobile devices and increasing the size of the screens.

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